Where To Spot Pixar's Pizza Planet Truck In Elemental

 Where To Spot Pixar's Pizza Planet Truck In Elemental


  •  Pixar's iconic Pizza Planet truck Easter egg continues in Elemental, appearing in two different scenes with design changes to match the film's world.
  •  The first sighting is in Firetown, where Ember rides her moped and passes a Treeyota resembling the Pizza Planet truck. The second is outside Wade's family's apartment in Element City, where the yellow boat stands out.
  •  Finding the Pizza Planet truck is a longstanding trend in Pixar movies, and spotting it in Elemental confirms the enduring tradition that fans love and anticipate in every new release.

Pixar's most iconic Easter egg tradition continues, and here is where to find the Pizza Planet truck in Elemental. The 2023 animated movie is the latest to come from the animation studio that helped change the animated movie industry with Toy Story. The 27 movies Pixar has made over the last nearly three decades have mostly been built around original ideas and unique environments that touch on deep human themes and emotions. In addition to creating high expectations for the quality of their movies, Pixar also has a fun tradition of including Toy Story's famous Pizza Planet truck as an Easter egg.

Finding the iconic yellow and white truck in every Pixar movie has become a fan-favorite part of each new release. Whereas some movies plainly feature the vehicle for all to see, Pixar has continued to up the ante in terms of how difficult it can be to find. This includes inserting the Pizza Planet truck in the background of quick shots or even changing its design. Elemental is no exception, and the movie's exclusive theatrical release can make it tougher to scan the background of each scene looking for the truck without being able to pause. For that reason, here is where to spot Elemental's Pizza Planet truck Easter egg.

What Elemental Scenes Include The Pizza Planet Truck

Elemental Pizza Planet Truck Boat
The Pizza Planet truck is included as one of Elemental's Easter eggs in two different scenes. The first version of the iconic vehicle can be spotted during the scene where Ember rides her moped around Firetown to make deliveries. She gets stuck behind a Treeyota momentarily and then zips past it to beat her father's record time. The Treeyota might not look like the prototypical Pizza Planet truck, but it is meant to be a version of the vehicle that fits within Elemental's world. The normal yellow coloring is largely absent, but other design elements are maintained to bring the Toyota truck to life in a new way.
The second instance where viewers can see the Pizza Planet truck in Elemental comes roughly halfway through the movie. When Ember leaves Fire City to meet up with Wade and have dinner with his family, her mother follows her to Element City. It is when Ember's mom Cinder begins to approach the giant apartment building that viewers can see the Pizza Planet truck in Elemental. It is featured in the background of the shot. It is much easier to spot now that Elemental is streaming on Disney Plus and viewers know where to look.

How Elemental Changes The Pizza Planet Truck's Design

Elemental Pizza Planet Truck Treeyota

Pixar decided to change the Pizza Planet truck design a bit for its Elemental cameos. This was done so that the truck better matched the look of the vehicles featured in Element City. The truck that appears in Firetown resembles a log delivery truck more than a pizza delivery vehicle. However, the intention of the design changes makes the Pizza Planet truck comparison work. It is a Treeyota instead of a Toyota, the rocket topper has been replaced by a tree stub, and a familiar "How's my driving?" bumper sticker is also included.

The yellow vehicle with the white and red rocket shown outside Wade's family's apartment clearly belongs to Pizza Planet, but it is a boat instead of a truck. This makes sense considering the vehicle is in the Water District and is using water for transportation instead of roads. Elemental's ending does feature vehicles that look like boats but still have wheels to drive on land, so it is likely that this Pizza Planet boat can still deliver to all in Element City. Pixar has changed the Pizza Planet truck before, such as Luca changing the truck into a three-wheeled Piaggio Ape, but this is the first time it has been a boat.

Knowing where to find the Pizza Planet truck in Elemental means Pixar's longest Easter egg trend is still ongoing. The iconic Toy Story vehicle has been included in every single Pixar movie in some fashion. Even as the animation studio evolves and changes, it is always great to see a reference to the movie that helped launch the empire. Elemental being the 27th movie from Pixar does not change that fact. It makes the streak even more impressive and something for audiences to keep an eye out for in future movies too.

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