They risked their lives to take a death-defying photo in 2024

 They risked their lives to take a death-defying photo in 2024

They risked their lives to take a death-defying photo in 2024 are you willing to do to secure the most likes on your social media account? Some people make fun of others, injuries are faked, and in some cases, you’ll see staged threats. Then you have the fearless daredevils of the group. By daredevils, we don’t mean masked crime-fighters. We’re talking about those who will literally hang on to the tallest building in their city with one hand just to get the perfect picture. Caution: these pictures may cause sweaty palms, anxiety, or in the best of cases, a surge of inspiration.

Handstand Over It All

This picture was taken in Yosemite at Taft Point. It’s nearly impossible not to notice the beautiful scenery. You also can’t help but feel worried for the gentleman pulling a handstand off on the edge of Taft Point. That’s courage and upper body strength!

 feet, and he’s doing this like it’s nothing. Like we mentioned in the introduction, what are you willing to do to get likes?

Hang On To My Love

This is a relationship hanging on by a thread in the best of ways. Hopefully, this guy hasn’t been skipping the gym or else this could have gone horribly wrong. Hovering over the waters in Dubai, even a simple sneeze could have ruined things.

The fact that both of them are only using one hand to hang on is impressive. Hopefully, this girl’s parents don’t get a glimpse of this photograph. It might send them into a mini-panic attack.

An Epic Scene

If you aren’t impressed by the beautiful scenery, then surely the man hanging on who looks like a green star will amaze you a bit. There’s no one else around him to help lift him up, so this seems like a double challenge.

The first one is getting the likes. The second is proving that he can do it. If you’re wondering where this is, it is in Norway. Your next trip out there can lead you to this suspenseful cliff too. We don’t advise you try this, however; just take in the sights.

Stuck Between A Rock And…

You may have seen people take photos on this rock before. That doesn’t make it any less terrifying. At any moment, something could go wrong, and that little boulder can fall into the abyss with its victim still on top of it.

This place is called Kjeragbolten which is found at Forsand municipality in Rogaland county, Norway. If you’ve been keeping up, that’s already two beautiful places in Norway that are perfect for the adventurous soul. Just pray it isn’t time for that rock in the middle to slip!


The Ultimate Use Of A Selfie Stick

This tower is located in Tianjin, China. This woman is showing us that the higher up you go, the more likes you accumulate. This picture was posted 26 months ago as of Sept. 26, 2018, and it has received more than 80k likes.

And it’s all no big deal to her. She’s using that selfie stick like a pro and even smiles in the face of the elevation. We don’t know if it’s scarier to do the climb up and take the picture or attempt to get back down.


How Did He?

The first question that comes to mind after looking over this picture for a couple of seconds is an obvious one. How does this guy plan on getting down from the small strip he’s standing on? If there was a random gust of wind, then he might have been toast!

The look on his face shows us that he doesn’t fear the height or the scary options of getting back down. We guess none of that matters because he just wants to wow his followers and friends on his socials.

Men, would you hold your lady like this? Ladies, would you trust your man?…


Look Up! There’s Nothing Down There For You

It would appear that Dubai has some very courageous individuals roaming around. Her name is Viki Odintcova, and as she’s seemingly a slippery finger away from the longest trust fall ever. You can’t even see how her feet are positioned.

In a video of this dare on her Instagram, you see that she’s barely on the edge of this building with the middle of her shoe. The heels of her sneakers are hanging off the edge, and her toes are not touching solid ground either. Someone sign her up for Fear Factor immediately!


Now That’s A Seat

Perching up on the wires of a tall bridge earns you the title of master relaxer. Not only are you above just about everyone else, but you also don’t have to engage in any communication. That’s the best way to relax. Whoever this person is obviously knows the secret to get up there.

Either he or she tight walked the ropes or something else elevated this individual up there. Imagine opening a message from your family member, and it’s this picture.


Real Life Ninja Warrior!

There may not be real-life ninjas running around like a Kill Bill movie, but there are definitely those who wish to replicate their ways. Take this man for example. He has the whole outfit down precisely, so we’re surprised he didn’t add a sword on the back.

Still, he’s showcasing his skills by hanging onto this building while fearlessly hovering hundreds of feet in the air. That’s all the ninja talent you need to demonstrate to get a like from us.


Chilling On Potato Chip Rock

Located in beautiful San Diego County, Potato Chip Rock is a popular tourist attraction. The path to it is also a hike that many enjoy taking, so the reward is a great photo opportunity. Many are aware that the rock may snap at any moment, but still accept the risk.

That’s also what makes it more exciting. Knowing that at any moment, your life is in limbo. The “chip” looks sturdy in pictures but it isn’t until you’re on the edge that it starts to frighten you.

Up next, we don’t know what type of bravery is your DNA if you do this…


Even Spider-Man Is Getting In On The Selfie Fun

David Alon

These individuals aren’t the only ones snapping daredevil selfies — the trend is so popular that Spidey is getting in on the fun too in Spider-Man for PlayStation 4. Peter Parker is a journalist after all, so it only makes sense that the game would feature a “Photo Mode.”

In the game, users can enter Photo Mode and choose between three camera types, including a “Selfie” option. From there, Spidey can strike five different poses. If he’s perched (like in the photo above), he’ll throw up a peace sign. Since Spider-Man can scale impossibly-tall buildings like this one, there’s no limit to how many death-defying selfies you can take.


No Flipping Way

Would you do this flip for a million dollars? Perhaps he just did this for a million likes on Instagram. Either way, the majority of sane people wouldn’t even test the waters with this stunt. How did he know he was going to land that trick safely?

All it would have taken was a misplaced toe during the landing and its “bye-bye.” Luckily, he made it out fine. We hope he generated a decent amount of engagement with this post, at least.


Follow Me To The End…

You know those pictures where the woman is in front with only her backside visible and the hand of the man she’s pulling behind her? Well, this is a behind-the-scenes shot of one of those glamorous photos. The only difference with this one is the fact that they’re walking on a thin strip of a building.

Literally, anything will be done to get a once-in-a lifetime picture for social networks. As if all the other images weren’t proof enough, this one should get the point across.


The Hardest Pull-Up…

What you see here is Pedra Da Gávea. Located in Brazil, it is 2,769 feet in the air which makes it one of the tallest mountains in the world that ends right in the ocean. People go to visit it all the time and take regular photos on top.

This is no regular picture. If he had no help while straining himself that high above the ground, then getting back up would be the most robust pull-up he has ever had to do in his life.


Roll Over And Fall

One word to describe this photo is: edgy. Do you get it? Well, in any event, this Instagrammer is showing a lot of guts by lying down like this on top of that building. Just looking at the picture makes us a little nervous. And where exactly is the camera located?

There are a lot of questions to many of these daredevil pictures, but we just let these individuals and couples do as they please. All we can do is sit back and enjoy as we pray they don’t get hurt.

Will you do this in the name of love?…


The Daring Couple

What do we have here? An orange and pink sky, a lovely view of the city, and a few Stonehenge-looking figures. That sounds like the perfect backdrop for a fearless couple to take a picture in front of. However, they figured it would be cooler to stand on the stone objects.

We don’t know how slippery those slabs of stone are, but walking on them doesn’t make this image feel any safer for the couple. This fantastic view can be found in India.


The Hero That Bangkok Needs

“Back in Bangkok for the next few days,” was the caption this Instagram user captioned this picture with. As if to say he does things like this all the time. And if you browse his profile, you will find that this is indeed another everyday task for him.

No shoes, no socks, no fear. Looking down at the ground from a height like that can be genuinely terrifying. He makes it look like child’s play. Just another day in the life of someone who does things like this for a living.


Which Way? That Way!

Standing inches away from a drop that could end his life, this male is only concerned with pointing at something, but what? Maybe it’s that tall building on the beach, or perhaps that mountain you see in the distance.

We don’t know what he’s looking at, so maybe it’s just a pose for Instagram interest. Even though there is a lot of rock behind him, standing that close to the ledge is something many wouldn’t even consider.


Hanging On For Life

The building this man is hanging from is the second tallest building in Ukraine. And the way he’s hanging makes it look like he doesn’t care about his life. But we’re not here to judge. Whatever he chooses to do with his life is his choice.

Social currency seems to be more important than a lot of things these days. Which is probably why you’ve been seeing so many crazy stunts pulled by these social influencers.

Up next is someone who leaps across over fears…


Leaping Into The Sea

We’re hoping she practiced this move a handful of times on the grass before she took her talents to this very steep building. She looks like a ballerina who is showing off her skill set.

The dangers that lurk in this photo are at an all-time premium. Her leg could have caught a cramp while she was posing mid-air and utterly changed the way she landed. That is all the more reason why she deserves all the likes she can get.


Don’t Fall Into The Abyss

The things we do for love. Whoever agreed to go along with this idea must really love that other person. Standing that close to the edge while reaching over can be horrifying because it might feel like you’re about to fall over — even if you aren’t trying to.

We suppose this picture is merely a metaphor. It’s telling us that you can’t be afraid of the fall when you’re in a relationship. This is the perfect visual representation of that.

The Perfect Spot For Privacy

Teens are always looking for places to sneak off to so they can make out. Looks like this couple found the perfect spot on the edge of a building! Literally no one would think to find them there – we can almost guarantee it.

This couple found the perfect place to share a smooch in privacy, but we hope they didn’t get too carried away since that would inevitably cause them to go over the edge. But they are presumably experts at this kind of thing so we doubt that they would have made that mistake.

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