Strong pro-Putin chants shake the Turkish Fenerbahce stadium, and the Ukrainian ambassador comments

 Strong pro-Putin chants shake the Turkish Fenerbahce stadium, and the Ukrainian ambassador comments.

Ukraine's ambassador to Turkey, Vasyl Bodnar, on Thursday denounced the chants in support of Russian President Vladimir Putin by Fenerbahce club fans during his reception of Ukraine's Dynamo Kyiv.

Videos on social media showed a number of Turkish fans chanting the name of the Russian president in response to Dynamo's first goal against the hosts in the second leg of the second leg of the qualifying round for the group stage of the Champions League.

Dynamo Kyiv won the match 2-1 after the two teams tied negatively in the first leg match that was held in Poland against the backdrop of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, to cross the first into the third round of qualifying for the group stage.

"Football is a fair game," Bodnar wrote on his Twitter account. "Yesterday, Dynamo Kyiv was stronger."

Adding that, "It is very sad to hear supportive words from Fenerbahce fans for those who are bombing his country," as he put it.

"I am grateful to the friendly Turkish people for their support for Ukraine and for thinking about the inappropriate behavior of the masses," he added.

For its part, the Turkish press explained that the atmosphere was tense after the first goal in the match, which was scored by Ukrainian player Vitaly Boyalsky in the 57th minute.

"Boyalsky showed his joy in a provocative manner. He was booed and received a yellow card," the Turkish newspaper "Sozko" noted.

Later, Fenerbahce fans began chanting the name of the Russian president, according to videos circulated by activists on social media.

Dynamo Kyiv coach Mircea Lucescu refused to attend the scheduled press conference after the match, according to Turkish media.

"Everything went according to our plans and we won. But we did not take the fans into account. I did not expect similar slogans. What a pity," the Ukrainian coach said in a television interview.

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