France... emergency shutdown of nuclear reactors

France... emergency shutdown of nuclear reactors

 The abnormally high weather has prompted the French Electricity Company to shut down parts of the reactors at the country's nuclear power plants.

The high temperatures led to a decrease in the quantities of tank water, which was a source for cooling the reactors.

The suspension of power plants will lead to a 50% decrease in France's energy production.

And earlier, French media reports said that the authorities imposed restrictions in some areas on the use of water due to the heat and drought.

The heat wave continues its activity in Western Europe, where temperatures exceeded 40 degrees Celsius in Spain, Portugal, France and the United Kingdom, which is now foreshadowing worrying repercussions on land and glaciers.

"A new heat wave, the second this year, is hitting Western Europe. It mainly affects Spain and Portugal, but it is expected to get stronger and extend," WMO spokeswoman Clare Nullis said in Geneva.

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