La Liga submits a request to cancel Mbappe's contract with Saint-Germain

La Liga submits a request to cancel Mbappe's contract with Saint-Germain

The Spanish Football League will submit a request to “cancel the contract of Kylian Mbappe” and intends to sue Paris Saint-Germain even before the European authorities, according to its lawyer in Paris.

It was expected that Mbappe would join Real Madrid this summer after reaching the end of his contract with Saint-Germain, but he decided, contrary to the desire that he expressed several times, to stay with the French capital club, amid talk of tempting him with a fictional contract by the Qatari administration of Saint-Germain.

This move angered Real Madrid and the Spanish League, which questioned Saint-Germain's conformity with the rules of fair play applied by the European Football Association "UEFA", and even the president of the Royal Club, Florentino Perez, accused, on Thursday, Mbappe of submitting to "political and economic pressure" in order to renew Knot.

At a press conference held on Friday in a Paris hotel, the Spanish League’s lawyer, Juan Branco, revealed that he intends to file a request to “cancel Mbappe’s contract from the French Minister of Sports,” Amelie Odiacastera, and then perhaps file an “appeal to the French Football Federation in order to communicate with the Directorate.” The National Monitoring and Administration in order to carry out an audit” of Saint-Germain’s accounts.

Finally, if the previous steps did not work, Branco confirmed that he wanted to bring the case before the Paris Administrative Court.

 If these national appeals do not yield results, Branco stated that he will turn to European courts “to ask the European Commission to intervene in order to achieve compliance in the regulations,” or even to initiate “thereafter a formal procedure for abuse of influence,” and finally, at the end of the process may The case reaches the European Court of Justice.
He continued, "It is clear to everyone that Paris Saint-Germain is acting outside the rules, including fraudulent maneuvers," noting that the Spanish League sued Manchester City, owned by the Emirates, similar to Saint Germain, owned by Qatar.

He explained that the motivation behind these lawsuits was the association's desire to redefine the rules for a more fair and transparent football financial system.

La Liga accuses Saint-Germain of "continuing to violate the current Financial Fair Play regulations" and of creating a state of imbalance in sporting and economic competition.

La Liga president Javier Tebas is one of the most vocal critics of state-backed clubs.

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