Moscow expels 8 Greek diplomats over the "confrontational path" that Athens is following

 Moscow expels 8 Greek diplomats over the "confrontational path" that Athens is following

The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the Greek ambassador to Moscow, and her strong protest was expressed over the confrontational course of the country's authorities towards Russia, and its supply of weapons to the Kyiv regime.

A statement posted on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry said: “On June 27, the Greek ambassador to the Russian Federation, Yekaterini Nasika, was summoned, who expressed strong protest against the confrontational course of the Greek authorities towards Russia, including the supply of the Kyiv regime. With weapons and military equipment, a group of Russian diplomats in Greece were declared persona non grata.

The statement also said that the ambassador had received a note with a notification that eight Greek diplomatic staff in Russia were declared persona non grata, and they must leave Russia within eight 

The statement added: "It was emphasized that we are talking about the direct consequences of the unfriendly actions initiated by the Greek authorities. The full responsibility for this lies with Athens alone. It was noted that if the anti-Russian policy continues, we reserve the right to respond."

Earlier, the Russian ambassador to Greece said that the country is no longer favorable for Russian tourists, pointing out that the wave of anti-Russian sentiment is not weakening, but rather is fueled by the country's leadership..

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